Terraces provide the unique transition and contrast between the urban edge of the City of Adelaide and the natural, open landscapes of the Park Lands. The tree planting style and garden bed arrangements on Terraces help to define the city’s edge, strengthening and reinforcing the ‘city with in a park’ feel of Adelaide, and providing unique views from the Park Lands into the city’s streets, and wide green vistas from the city into our urban parks.

Terraces often have a low frequency of public transportation services, instead providing easy access to the surrounding Park Lands through cycling routes and pedestrian paths. Providing good wayfinding along Terraces helps people to find their way around when exploring the city and parks.

There are two types of Terraces in the City of Adelaide: City Terraces, which border the south and north-east of the city, and Village Terraces, which border the character-filled streets of the south-east and North Adelaide. Examples include South Terrace and Mills Terrace.

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Crossing Points

Well-designed crossing points put pedestrians first and reduce distances for safer connections when crossing into Park Lands. Different types of crossing designs create different visual effects that encourage drivers to take more care, increasing the visibility of pedestrians and cyclists and reducing potential hazards.

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Flora and Fauna

Nature is fundamentally important for a comfortable and liveable place for people, providing a wide range of interrelated health, social, economic, cultural and ecological benefits such as reducing air pollution, energy use and providing habitats for wildlife such as birds and insects.

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City Views

The City of Adelaide enjoys a unique edging of city streets surrounded by the green space of Australia’s largest urban park network. Complementing views to the Park Lands and back with thoughtful placements of elements such as trees, crossing points, furniture and lighting is important.

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