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Laneways Master Plan and Bank Street Upgrade

City of Adelaide is currently developing the Laneways Master Plan, which will guide the future direction of Laneways between the Railway Station and the Adelaide Central Market.

Bank Street has been identified as one of the key connectors in this focus area, and $200,000 has been allocated to its redesign in collaboration with the traders and local community.

Community engagement for the Laneways Master Plan and Bank Street Upgrade has been finalised, with traders, community members, students, city users and property owners providing feedback on the potential upgrade for Bank Street.

The feedback provided is currently being collated and will be used to inform the concept designs and prioritisation of laneways for future upgrades of Bank Street and other small streets and laneways in the City of Adelaide.

Finniss Street Streetscape Enhancement

Cost: $140,000
Commencing: November 2016

Overview: Design is currently being undertaken to enhancement the street in Finniss Street, North Adelaide, adjacent to The British Hotel as part of a co-funded arrangement with City of Adelaide and the British Hotel.

The design will include an enlarged area in front of the British Hotel paved in slate grey flagstones, continuous footpaths over the adjacent driveways and two rain gardens to provide greening to the area and provide traffic calming measures.

Waymouth Street West

Cost: $300,000
Commencing: June 2016

Overview: City of Adelaide is currently collaborating with members of the West End Village Association (WEVA) to improve Waymouth Street West from Gray Street to Elizabeth Street and Crowther Street to add additional amenity and greening to the area.

The final design is still to be completed, but it is anticipated residents and businesses along Waymouth Street West will be provided with street trees, landscaping and safer pedestrian crossing points to create a greener street, bringing more shade and activity to the area.

Pirie Street Green Wall

Cost: $150,000
Completed: July 2016

Overview: A green wall or vertical garden module was installed on building columns and the first level parapet of City of Adelaide’s building at 25 Pirie Street, to allow plants to cascade over the existing structure.

This greening project is a demonstration of how Green Infrastructure can be incorporated into building facades, and using Council’s own building will help test greening approaches and set an example for developers and building owners in the city.

Evaluation of the project will take place in late 2016.

Park 4 Shared Use Path

Cost: $220,000
Completed: May 2016

Overview: A new shared use walking and cycling path in Kangatilla (Park 4), between Main North Road and Lefevre Road, has been completed.

The path provides more options for people who walk and ride bikes in and through the North Adelaide area, and links with existing and planned safe cycling routes, including the Braund Road and Prospect Road Bike Direct Routes, the Park Lands Trail and the north-south Frome Bikeway. The new path forms the final part of a local neighbourhood walking and cycling loop through Parks 4 and 5, which connect directly to the North East Park Lands Activity Hub.

Wayfinding signage is still to be installed to provide orientation around the North Adelaide area, and is likely to be installed late July.

For more information on the Kangatilla (Park 4) Shared Use Path project, see the Case Studies section.

Light Square Furniture Relocation

Cost: $17,000
Completed: April 2016

Overview: A review of the furniture in Light Square identified the need for existing furniture to be redesigned to fit the ordered and symmetrical space of the Square.

The design saw three additional bike racks installed, existing furniture aligned along a clear path of travel and the grouping of furniture together to provide a more accessible, cohesive and intuitive layout for the space.

The project has been completed and will be evaluated in late 2016.

Hindley Street West Footpath Upgrade (Stage 2)

Cost: $2 million
Commencing: December 2016

Overview: City of Adelaide and the State Government have committed joint funding to upgrade the Hindley Street footpaths between Morphett and Register Streets.

To do this City of Adelaide has been collaborating with the West End precinct community to shape their vision for the street which will include designing the street for low speeds, increased footpath widths, new plantings and street trees, new bike racks, seating and lighting.

City South West Link

Cost: $900,000 (subject to funding in the 2016/17
financial year)
Commencing: September 2016

Overview: Engagement has been undertaken with local community members for the enhancement of Chatham, Little Sturt and Willcox Streets to provide a safe, connected and pleasant environment for people to walk and ride bikes.

A report will be presented to Council late April 2016 with a design that reflects the results of the community engagement feedback.

Some of the enhancements may include more greenery, improved access for pedestrians and cyclists and wider footpaths to complement the installation of a zebra crossing in Gilbert Street.

Ward Street Paving Trial

Cost: Unknown (see explanation below)
Commencing: June 2016

Overview: As part of asset renewal of existing footpaths in Ward Street, a paving trial will be conducted in the section between Frederick Place and Calvary Hospital. The trial will test a variety of construction methods including the use of recycled materials sympathetic to the historic character of Village Streets as in North Adelaide.

Part of the trial will be understanding the costs associated with different construction approaches, and will provide information to City of Adelaide on how to improve the lifespan of footpath pavements and support a long term, sustainable solution to design within the City of Adelaide.

Wakefield Street Median

Cost: $150,000
Completed: June 2016

The median area to Wakefield Street directly adjacent to Victoria Square has a 4m wide turfed zone with irrigation infrastructure already in place, which can support the planting of street trees to complement the expansive road infrastructure.

The Wakefield Street median planting has now been completed with new large formal tree plantings from Victoria Square to Gawler Place on the existing median, and plantings of native grasses in narrow areas of the median.

For more information on the Wakefield Street Median Planting project, see the Case Studies section.

Gilbert Street Zebra Crossing

Cost: $220,000
Completed: April 2016

Overview: A new zebra crossing design, similar to the one in Pirie Street, has been completed along Gilbert Street at Willcox Street and Little Sturt Street to improve safety and access for Sturt Street Community Primary School staff and school children, walking to and from the South Park Lands.

The design will help to calm traffic and improve the amenity of the area with landscaped footpath extensions.

For more information on the Gilbert Street Zebra Crossing project, see the Case Studies section

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