The City of Adelaide’s Boulevards are defined by their grand scale, reflecting the symmetry and order of Colonel Light’s Plan, acting as gateways to the city and representing civic pride and identity.

Boulevards also provide a range of transport options, including convenient connections between cultural and educational institutions, shopping destinations and businesses. Boulevards often host events, activities and symbolic experiences which are of cultural importance, such as festival parades and community marches.

Using high-quality landscaping, furniture and street materials in Boulevards helps to provide a comfortable and visually interesting street environment.

There are three types of Boulevards in the City of Adelaide: Ceremonial Boulevards, Gateway Boulevards and Transit Boulevards. North Terrace is the city’s premier Ceremonial Boulevard, while Currie-Grenfell Street is the city’s busy Transit Boulevard, catering for a high level of use by cars, buses, and people on foot and bike.

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Design for Transport Street Design Wide Medians

Design for Transport

Boulevards need to cater for various transportation methods, including cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians. Different streets have different movement, activities and ways of dealing with change, such as intuitive crossing facilities and wide footpaths or furnishings to delineate zones of movement.

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Street Design

Boulevards are designed with organised formal arrangements of furniture, plantings and big, impressive trees to help visually narrow a street, changing driver and pedestrian behaviour, and allowing all forms of movement to safely negotiate a public space.

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Wide Medians

Median islands help to ensure continuity to the streets and prioritise the safety of pedestrians. Using consistent materials, details and a tightened street geometry can visually narrow a street environment and assist with slowing vehicle speeds creating a safer street environment.

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