Making up nearly all of the cross-streets across the southern part of the City of Adelaide, Streets make up most of the city’s movement network. These streets have a high volume of pedestrian, bike, vehicle and servicing activity, along with parking spaces to support business and retail activity. Most of the city’s life is played out on these streets, from business meetings, to window-shopping, to dog-walking.

Many of these streets provide commercial or retail space at ground level, with more of a residential focus outside the main centre of city activity. Wide footpaths, good tree canopy cover, connections to public transport, and space for outdoor dining support activity and
city life.

These streets also include a mix of residential buildings that are often of notable historic or heritage importance.

There are three types of Streets in the City of Adelaide: City Street, Local Street and Village Street.

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Green Streets Street Design City Life

Green Streets

Trees and plants along wide city streets provide relief from summer heat with shade and encourage biodiversity. Street trees and approaches such as Water Sensitive Urban Design contribute to a cooler and more sustainable city.

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Street Design

Including pedestrian-friendly approaches such as zebra crossings help to encourage walking and slow traffic, creating a more welcoming experience and a higher quality of life for people who live, work and play in the city’s streets.

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City Life

The city’s streets are a hive of activity, hosting people, business meetings, cafès and outdoor dining. Designing a street to accommodate and encourage city life will help the city grow in a sustainable and thoughtful way.

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